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Oneida Campground

oneida200 With any camp outing, you’re looking for an experience that is both rewarding and developmental. In the wilderness, you’re forced to come out of your shell, which can be a truly great time to learn who you are as a person. That is the motto of Oneida Campground & Lodge, a place dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender accommodation.

Since 1980, Oneida Campground & Lodge has been the first to pave the way for the LGBT community to have an outdoor camping experience they can feel at home with. Our private membership, clothing-optional campground looks to do that, with services and lodging available for individuals 21 and over.

With 100 heavily wooded acres at our disposal, we are located at the top of the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Our lodging can service both small and large groups, and we boast two lodges with a total of 15 rooms. For indoor accommodations, we also have 14 cabins and 3 trailers available, as well as three bathhouses with modern facilities conveniently located nearby. Oh, did we mention the heated pool and Club “O”?

The Oneida Campground & Lodge is located at 2580 East Lake Road, New Milford, PA 18834 or 2580 State Highway 1012, New Milford, PA 18834. Contact us by email or at our web page. (570) 465-7011.

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