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Niven & Joshua

happy_bearThe word ‘barber’ (from the Latin ‘barba’ meaning ‘beard’) is synonymous with men’s grooming, having been common practice amongst the most sophisticated societies of all time; the Romans, who believed so much in it that a first shave was considered the transition from boy to man.

Although the Niven & Joshua story is relatively young, male grooming has been inherent in a man’s routine since circa 3500 B.C. and is even deemed worthy of a mention in the Bible. Such is the importance of male grooming, that shaving (of head or face) was once seen as mandatory and enforced by law. Thankfully, in today’s society, these laws no longer apply, but ironically male grooming is perhaps more pertinent than it ever has been; be it in the workplace, socially, or purely for one’s own self confidence.

Niven & Joshua provides an online experience offering expert products, advice and a commitment to high levels of customer service, catering for any man’s needs. Traditionally barbers were renowned for their blood letting skills and dentistry, fortunately the modern day Niven & Joshua process is painless, founded upon one core principle; to source and offer a selective collection of highest quality men’s and unisex skin care products and accessories from around the world.

The future is furry and we’re here to look after your fur! So check out our fantastic conditioning balms for beards & body hair.

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