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moodybearMoodybear came to fruition from the musings of a designer and printer at a Bear Event in Belfast. 12 months of work later and we opened with 6 designs of the geeky variety, and what soon became the company trademark the moodybear! Designs by Glenn Quigley and printed by Andrew Clarke, this two men team want to offer something that bears of the world can wear and enjoy!
Moodybear has worked with in production of their amazing fashion shirts (go on check em out) and also community groups and bear events such as, Men Of The North, BearScots, and Manbears.
In August 2012 Moodybear became the printer for RoB Manchester, and in December 2012 became the printer / designer of the UK SCRUFF logo on agreement from SCRUFF.
You can often see Andrew popping up at a bear event near you selling t shirts, and is a regular on the market at the Great British Bear Bash and BearScots Fest.
Moodybear wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Bear Community. It has helped build, encourage and challenge design and manufacture of something YOU want to wear. The ranges are ever expanding.

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