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Geared Ireland

GEARED_Vert_black_solidGeared Ireland is a fetish gear night in Dublin, Ireland for gay men. They meet on the third Saturday of every month at Fibber Magees  (Downstairs), 80 Parnell Street, off O’Connell Street Dublin 1. Doors open 9pm. 

At GEARED we provide a genuine gay and fetish friendly venue, on a Saturday night, with a late bar, a reasonable cover charge and normal drinks prices. Having a strict dress code ensures that those who take the gear seriously feel comfortable. It also creates the right atmosphere.
We began in early 2013 as GEAR Ireland and had our first monthly event in Fibber Magees in May 2013. This is an entirely voluntary and not for profit operation, after the essential costs are covered we will donate any surplus funds to charity again at the end of the year. We also run occasional Gear sales, a Bondage workshop and participate in similar fetish gear events elsewhere whenever possible.
Our Dress Code
Leather/Biker. Rubber, Military, Skinhead, Workwear & Sportgear

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