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Dallas Eagle

dallas eagleThe Dallas Eagle was founded by Matt Miller and Mark Frazier. In 1995, Mark came up with the idea of opening a leather bar in Dallas because he felt there was a need in the DFW Leather Community. Dallas had a bar that many from the Leather community frequented, but that bar had decided to change to a more progressive atmosphere. The Leather Community was offered a small stand alone building located by the current club.

As Matt and Mark began to seriously consider opening a leather bar many individuals repeatedly expressed that a new bar would last less than a year because the Leather Community was “fickle” and “never supportive”.   However, with Mark’s active role in the local, regional, National and International Leather Community, he knew he could promote the bar to the Leather Community and count on their support.

After a location was chosen, the remodel of the future Dallas Eagle began in February 1995.  It took Matt and Mark about six weeks to remodel the bar to something they felt would appeal to the leather community. Shades of Grey, a leather store, anchored the bar with an on site shop on the second floor of the bar.

In April on 1995 the bar opened with their signature ad stating the “The Eagle Has Landed”.  The Dallas Eagle had the support of numerous clubs, organizations, and dignitaries from local, regional, national and international communities. The bar captured headlines with it opening throughout the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

The Leather Knights became the first club to call the Eagle home. Others include TGRA, NLA Dallas, Lone Star Cigar Men, Dallas Big Men’s Club, DFW leatherboys, Eagle Bears, Discipline Corps and the Dallas boys of Leathers.  The Dallas Bears, as well as numerous bowling, softball and other sporting teams, soon followed.

The Dallas Eagle developed respected reputation in contest circuits. For ten consecutive years the Dallas Eagle sponsored contestants ranked in the top twenty at International Mr. Leather including two winners of IML, Stephen Webber and Jeffrey Payne. The Eagle’s reputation in the Drummer and Leather Sir/boy contests were equally respected and had nine top three finishers over a twelve year period.

The Dallas Eagle hosted numerous events under the ownership of Matt and Mark, including South Plains Leather Fest, International Master/slave Weekend, The International Leather Sir/boy/Community Boot Black Contests, Texas Gay Rodeo Association, United Court of the Lone Star Investiture, Ms World Leather, International Ms Leather, Texas Bear Round Up and many more.

In December 2007, Matt and Mark decided it was time to pursue other goals and sell their first joint business.  Mark wanted to leave the bar business and Matt wanted to concentrate on their other nightclub, Dallas Woody’s Sports and Video Bar. Matt and Mark sold the Dallas Eagle. Mark sold his share of the Dallas Woody’s to Matt and relocated from Dallas.  David and Nick became new owners of the bar and began a new adventure with the Dallas Eagle.

Mark returned to the Dallas Eagle in July 2010, in partnership with David.  In January, 2011, David relinquished his share of the Dallas Eagle and Mark joined forces with David Roy, Jeffrey Payne and Patrick Sweeny.  In 2014, Patrick relinquished his shares of the Dallas Eagle and Randal Kinnear joined the team of partners.  Randal relinquished his shares later in 2014.  Mark, David and Jeffrey have created a diverse and active ownership of the Dallas Eagle as the Eagle continues to grow and evolve, while still staying true to its original mission.

The Dallas Eagle is now located across the parking lot from the original site. The Eagle boasts a larger venue and a huge outdoor patio area. The Eagle continues to be the premier Leather bar in Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth and participate with other organizations in supporting the community through service and fund raising. Likewise, the Eagle continues to be the home of the founding club, Leather Knights along with NLA:Dallas, Discipline Corps, Lone Star Cigar Men, Eagle Bears, United Court of the Lone Star Empire, Dallas Bears, Texas Gay Rodeo Association along with newer groups like DFW Leather Corps and Dallas Diablos.  The bar is anchored with the leather shop “Eagle OutPost”, owned by David Roy & Jeffrey Payne.

The Dallas Eagle legacy continues…

The Dallas Eagle is located at 5740 Maple Avenue, in Dallas, Texas. (214) 357-4375.

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