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Bearly Brand

Bearly BrandJosh Lipka has been doing Graphic Design since 1998. He started with a bootlegged copy of Photoshop and a library book, and never stopped learning. Endless nights, countless courses, some great jobs & opportunities, and tons of mistakes…. but he’s still chugging along trying to make my mark in the design world. He founded the Bearly Brand of specialty printed clothing.

As you can tell, he focuses a lot of his work on bears. For two reasons: 1) He’s a Bear. 2) He loves Bears! Both in the wildlife sense and the gay community.

Currently, 25% of all proceeds are donated to Seattle’s PAWS Wildlife Rescue Center…. because they help save the Bears… the real kind… the scary kind… not the sweet, cuddly, glittery kind.

Visit the Bearly Brand web site.

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