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All Bear

allbearlogoALL BEAR was created with the sole intention of being able to show off and highlight bears of all shapes, sizes and ages. The ‘normal’ everyday man you see in the street. Not the musclebound hulks we see in other publications, but guys from whatever walk of life. Along with also being a portal for freely advertising and promoting anyone with a bear

themed project or event, and to freely advertise the many talented bears out there with whatever it is that they make. Be it, books, artwork, music or clothing, ALL BEAR wanted to bring back a small bit of that sense of community that seemed to have lost its way slightly into the world of commercialism. It was, and still is, very important to me that ALL BEAR be a not-for-profit concern. Everything ALL BEAR takes is put right back into its running costs. Anything left over is donated to charity in March every year.

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